May 27, 2012

There are many MTG kids who have not received the assignments for their participation in the international math competitions abroad, of which most are scheduled in July 2012 for a simple reason of incorrect or no email address/contact numbers.

In order for MTG Philippines to deal with your inquiries properly, then this email address has been made available mtg.mostp@yahoo.com. All concerns about your assignment and other related matters regarding your participation in the international math contest should be send to the given email address. The MTG Philippines regrets to inform to everyone that it may not be able to answer your inquiries if they are sent to other email addresses.

The MTG staffs have always been unsuccessful in their countless attempts to send the email or to contact the parents and MTG kid because of wrong or no email address/contact numbers.

For those qualifiers and alternates who have not received the assignment as to what contest to join, please email us the following details on or before 12 noon of May 28, 2012:

A. Your Complete Name
B. Correct email address (and alternate email address, if any)
C. Name of School
D. Incoming Grade/Year Level
E. MOSTP Training Center (Is it St. Francis of Assisi-Las Piñas or Philippine Institute of Quezon City)
F. Contact Number

Since we are now beyond the dateline in the submission of official list of participants to the organizers, then non compliance or non response to our request will be interpreted as your green light to give your child's slot to other interested math wizard.

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