Apr 01, 2016

Reminders for Parents:

  1. Participants must use the main entrance of the Manila Grand Opera Hotel at Doroteo Jose Street.
  2. Parents are requested to drop their children at the main entrance, since the hotel lobby is off limit to non participants.
  3. Parents may secure the Pull-out Waiver Form available outside the main entrance in case they want their kids to be with them on the last night of the training program. It is encouraged that participants should bring their luggage and other belongings as soon as they go with their parents on the last night of training to stave off loss and misplace of the same. However, breakfast on the last day shall be served to them.
  4. Only the participants with their luggage are allowed entrance to the hotel lobby for registration. Parents are advised to give their children a sense of independence to register themselves.
  5. Opening Program is exclusively for the trainees.
  6. Parents are invited to be in the Closing/Awarding Ceremonies.
  7. Visit Time has been reduced to 30 minutes to allow more training contact time. Grades 7 to 11 trainees do not have visit time to give way to more additional training time.

Registration Procedures for the Participants:

  1. Proceed to the Registration Area and present the Electronic Reply Form (ERF) for verification purpose. Trainees with no ERF have to wait at the “Hold On” Area for assessment and confirmation of registration;
  2. Go to the Claim Section according to your level to get the YMIITP ID and T-shirts;
  3. Bring and leave your respective luggage to your assigned room except your valuables like cellphone and wallet, if possible leave them with your parents; and
  4. Go immediately to the Grand Ballroom at the 8th floor for the Opening Program.

Note: Key card will be distributed in your room after lunch.


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