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May 08, 2006

The Philippines shall be participating in the 2006 American Regional Mathematics Leaque (ARML) to be held in the University of Las Vegas on June 2-3, 2006. The Philippine delegations are composed of High school students across the country and are headed by MTG VP, Rechilda P. Villame. Below is the list of participants to the forthcoming competition. The team leaders are Mr. Roberto J. Degolacion and Ms. Rosanne Salve.

1. Aba, Luzelle Kate B. (Silliman University, Dumaguete)
2. Araya, Kim (Ateneo de Naga )
3. Avecilla, Minerva (San Beda College, Alabang)
4. Bandoy, Johanna Lei T. (Silliman University, Dumaguete)
5. Baniqued, Angeline (St Paul College, Pasig)
6. Baniqued, Geraldine (St Paul College, Pasig)
7. Belleza, Alvin C. (Ateneo de Manila High School)
8. Bueser, Percival Byron S. (Manila Science High School)
9. Carino, Miguel Isidro Edrico (Ateneo de Manila High
10. Carillo, Darryl (Tobacco National High School)
11. Choi, Davin Carlos (Chiang Kai Shek College)
12. Chua, Aileen Giselle (Grace Christian High School)
13. Chua Yap, Jeremy (Jubilee Christian Academy)
14. Chua, Renard Eric (St Stephens High School)
15. Dee, Mariel (St Paul College, Pasig)
16. Dimaandal, Ian Lemuel (Philippine Science High School)
17. Dy, Sean Elliot (St Stephens High School)
18. Garcia, Virgil (Philippine Science High School)
19. Lanuza, Chiara Rosario (Philippine Science High School)
20. Marfil, Ramon Inigo (Philippine Science High School)
21. Oliveros, Stephanie (Philippine Science High School)
22. Plan, Emmanuel Lance Christopher VI (Ateneo de Manila
High School)
23. Tejada, Augustine Elmar O. (Ateneo de Manila High
24. Tan, Daniel Andrew (Grace Christian High School)
25. Pempe?a, Napoleon VII (St Andrews School)
26. Rustia, Maria Dominique (PAREF Woodrose)
27. Simbul, Jomo-Vitto (Philippine Science High school)
28. Sy, Jillian Kristel (Chiang Kai Shek College)
29. Tobit, Narciso (Philippine Science High School)
30. Uytiepo, Jed (Don Bosco Technical Institute, Victorias)

Good luck to the Philippine delegations and may you bring honors to our country!

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