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Aug 30, 2008

From among the more than 170,000 students of the more than 5000 teams coming from the 50 states and 25 countries worldwide that participated the 2008 Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), five Filipino kids emerged to be with the very few who obtained perfect scores in the contest.

Other than to promote and improve the problem solving skills of the students, the goals of MOEM include, stimulating enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, developing mathematical flexibility in solving problems, strengthening mathematical intuition, fostering mathematical creativity and ingenuity among others.
The Pinoy kids who found an easy way towards “perfection” in this prestigious math contest were:

Elementary Division:

1. Hazel Elaine Reyes of St. Paul College-Pasig,
2. Kristine Arcega Lacson of San Beda College, Alabang
3. Henry Jefferson Morco of Chiang Kai Shek College
4. Leiko Ravelo of Ateneo de Davao University

Middle School Division:

1. Elvis Jeremy Ayroso of Philippine Science High School

Many other Filipino math wizards in this competition had been so close to obtain the perfect scores. They garnered merely one or two mistakes which gave them 5 to 10 points far from getting the shining spotlight. In any case, their performance still made them settle for best by stepping on the coveted positions where gold, silver and bronze certificates abound. As a whole, the Philippines earned 21 gold , 59 silver, 113 bronze/merit certificates in the elementary division and 17 gold, 42 silver, 82 bronze/merit certificates in the middle school division. The winners in both divisions are the following:

Elementary Division:

Gold Certificate Awardees:

Cardama John Carlo-Colegio San Agustin - Binan
Celis Jeya Marie-Trinity Christian School
Chua Goy Neil Jordan-Grace Christian High School
Estampador Gabriel
Ng Stuart Arnold-Bacolod Tay Tung High School
Yturzaeta Justin Edric-Jubilee Christian Academy
Damian Janina Erica-Colegio San Agustin-Binan
Lao Audrey Celine-St. Jude Catholic School
Lee Isaiah Paulo-Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
Madriaga Danielle-San Beda College, Alabang
Calderon Karlo Jose-West Visayas State University
Daleon Grace Lynn-University of Immaculate Conception
Friedlander Jason-Xavier School
Kho Niel Benjamin-San Beda College, Alabang
Lizarda Mary Claire
Madrid Ludhovik Luis-Mary Help of Christian School
Ongkiko Mario Antonio-Xavier School
Sy Shawn Gabriel-Jubilee Christian Academy
Tiu Sterling Alvin-St. Stephen's High School
Utanes Kerwin Edfrey-San Beda College, Alabang
Yap Jeremy Vance-Grace Christian High School

Silver Certificate Awardees:

Cheng Sean Timothy-Grace Christian High School
Gerardo Adlemi Justine-Colegio San Agustin - Binan
Lim Hazel Abigail-Hope Christian High School
Lui Emily-St. Stephen's High School
Ong Samuel Christian-UNO High School
Oporto Louiellyn-Iligan City East Central School
Peñas Carlos Jan-San Beda College, Alabang
Reynoso Reine Jiana-St. Paul College, Pasig
Rodriguez Joshua Emmanuel-Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
Tan Benson-Jubilee Christian Academy
Tanggol -Sarji Sukarno-Iligan City East Central School
Terio Nathannaell Rueben-Iligal City East Central School
Turingan Casey-San Beda College, Alabang
Uy Shawn Brandon-Assumption College of Davao
Vicoy Rey Adrian-Iligan City East Central School
Abello Farrah-University of St. La Salle Intg. School
Absalon Alyssa Rose SJ.-San Beda College, Alabang
Alin Alexis Joseph-Iligan City East Central School
Bonamy Kate Andrea-Grace Christian High School
Calledo Kellygene-Assumption College of Davao
Castillo Arvin Paul-St. Francis of Asissi College
Ciocon Mark Isaiah Karl-St. Scholastica's Academy-Bacolod
De Pedro Camille-North Fairviews Elementary School
Diokno Bianca Colina-O.B. Montessori School
Escordial Ma. Sheena-Education and Training Center School
Laohoo Stephen-Grace Christian High School
Lim Anton Raphael-St. John's Institute
Lizarda Philip-San Beda College, Alabang
Montelibano Jorge Anthony-St. John's Institute
Nogas Leonardo Jr.-Iligan City East Central School
Reyes Juan Miguel-University of St. La Salle Intg. School
Santiago Rafael-PAREF Southridge
Solon Cliff Joshua-ABC Learning Center
Sy Rosel Anne-St. John's Institute
Sy Adrian Reginald-St. Jude Catholic School
Sy Julius Vincent-St. Stephen's High School
Tan Marie Neil-Trinity Christian School
Tan Ethan Frederic-Xavier School
Uy Mary Olivienne-Lanao Chong Hua School
Batungbakal Ana Karenina-San Beda College, Alabang
Chong Justin Bryan-Philippine Cultural High School
Cos Sayra-Silliman University-BED
Dimatatac Mary Joy-San Beda College, Alabang
Dumbrique Jakov Ivan-St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Elicano Katrina-Dela Salle Zobel
Fernandez Jason Joseph-San Beda College, Alabang
Flores Johanne Micheal-Youngster Christian Learning Place
Gallos Rey Philip-West Visayas State University
Garcia Erika Kate-St. Paul College Pasig
Javier Ma. Raiza-St. Alphonsus Ligouri Integrated School
Lam Jennifer Joy-Davao Christian High School
Lao Ma.Czarina Angela-St. Jude Catholic School
Lapoot Matt Jason-Oro Christian Grace School
Mendoza Gianne Matthew-La Marea Academy
Peña Joelle Sophia-Saint Pedro Poveda College
Sison Richie Rainer-St. Stephen's High School
Tan Timothy James-Trinity Christian School
Ting Sean John Lee-Grace Christian High School
Wong Saraj Jessica-Philippine Institute of Quezon City

Bronze Certificate Awardees:

Aguilar Khrislyn Mae-Lanao Chong Hua School
Ang Maxine-Lanao Chong Hua School
Casas Camille-Assumption College of Davao
Cheng Deany Hendrick-Grace Christian High School
Cheng Kimberly-MGC New Life Christian Academy
Chuatak John Thomas-St. Stephen's High School
Corpuz Frederick Matthew-Colegio San Agustin-Makati
Curso Krystal April Joy-West City Elem. School-SPED
Dejaresco Divive Joy-Victoriano Tirol Advanced Learning Cntr
Dy Royce-Kong Hua School, CDO
Dy Aaron Jeron Anthony-Xavier School
Fuentes Gleda Russele-Iligan City East Central School
Garcia Allen Christian-Kostka School
Gozali David Christopher-Xavier School
Lasmarias Jed-Iligan City North Central School
Laurino Gramund Kent-Iligan City East Central School
Manganar James Juñor-Kong Hua School
Noor Ryan Aznard-St. Patrick Math Science School
Ocampo Llyanna Jadine-MGC New Life Christian Academy
Palaganas Jerome Claude-De La Salle - Canlubang
Simpelo Dan Justin-Grace Christian High School
Tan Charina Raisa-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Tan Keefe-St. Jude Catholic School
Tio Diolle-St. Stephen's High School
Valerio Pardau Laarni-Morning Star Montessori School Inc.
Abdao De Anne Rochelle-Integrated Montessori Center
Alviedo John Paul-St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Aquino Roscoe Seth-La Marea Academy
Bacal Meg Franco-Rosevale School
Balanay Prince Michael-Colegio San Agustin – Binan
Briones Jasper Fredrick-Oro Christian Grace School
Cabriles Joanna-St. Theresa College
Canonigo Hannah Faye-Integrated Montessori Center
Carranceja Jason Carlo-Grace Christian High School
Chua Austin Edrich-St. Jude Catholic School
Cirunay Dianne Grace-Victoriano Tirol Advanced Learning Cntr
Cirunay Dianne Hope-Victoriano Tirol Advanced Learning Cntr
Co John Alexander-Xavier School
Cortez Christian-Integrated Montessori Center
Cu Joanna Pauline-Divine Light Academy
Cua Sharmaine-Grace Christian High School
Destura Gail Denise-Living Spring Academy
Dy Mark John-Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
Francisco Marc Rhett-Jesus is Lord College Foundation
Hermoso Justine Nievas
Lapitan Bea Gian Carla-Morning Star Montessori School Inc.
Lim Pia Isabel-Saint Pedro Poveda College
Llamas Miggy-PAREF Southridge
Lucman Mishari Rashid-Living Spring Academy
Ng Seanne-St. Jude Catholic School
Okusa James-Victoriano Tirol Advanced Learning Cntr
Orlina Joneina-Science Elementary School
Pascua Janella Marie-Divine Light Academy
Pecundo Allan Magno-St. John's Institute
Rabi Christoper-Cebu Eastern College
Racadro Kristjan Edric-St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Remoreras Eloisa-Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Cntr
Rey Lorenzo Miguel-Manressa School
Reyes Frances Ysabel-St. Paul College Pasig
Santelices Leif Mikhail-Philadelphia High School
Say Vince Benedict-St. Jude Catholic School
Ting Catherine Louvette-Philadelphia High School
Tiu Benedict Ryan-St. Stephen's High School
Uy Harvey Eaton-Xavier School
Uy Mikaela Angelina-St. Jude Catholic School
Vega Gabriel Romm-Iligan City East Central School
Yao Kent Daniel-Grace Christian High School
Young Daniel-Jubilee Christian Academy
Abalajen Sherly Rose-Trinity Christian School
Abello Mikaela-St. John's Institute
Acevedo Roxanne Angelica Marie-St. Paul College Pasig
Amante Samantha-Colegio San Agustin - Binan
Andon Adrianne-Juan Sumulong Elementary School
Ang Jennifer-Grace Christian High School
Arat Jeamrin Angelo-Iligan City Central School
Bernejo Irene Therese-Trinity Christian School
Cabanero Isaiah Carlo-Kinaadman Elementary School
Cabayao Joemer-University of St. La Salle Intg. School
Carillo Joanna Marie-Colegio San Agustin-Makati
Chan Sherralyn-Chiang Kai Shek School
Co Matthew Johann-Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
Conception Francis-Philippine Cultural High School
Cua Davidson-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Deypalan Mariefel Nicole-Youngster Christian Learning Place
Dunton Quenie Diane-La Consolation Academy-Murcia
Feliciano Jillian Jay-Saint Pedro Poveda College
Fernandez Juliene-Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
Garrido Czarina Angelica-St. John's Institute
Ilagan Ian Frederic-Colegio San Agustin-Makati
Jardiolin Dominique-Trinity Christian School
Martin Bryon Jed-Jesus is Lord College Foundation
Montemayor Alana-Young Shepherd School
Ngo Parker-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Ong Chelsea Anne-Hope Christian High School
Ong James Arvin-Grace Christian High School
Palaganas Katrina Mae-St. Mazzarello School
Pua Gillian Jeremie-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
Ramirez Jane Pauline- Rose L. Susano Elementary School
Ramos Jiles-Rose L. Susano Elementary School
Ratilla Daniel-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
Saavedra Sheenly Anne-St. Theresa College
Salado Dan Lemuel-La Concolacion College, I.S.
Siapno Stephen-Saint John Cathedral School
Sy Andreaw Laurence-St. Jude Catholic School
Sysiangco Ayber Claris-Trinity Christian School
Tecson Emilio-Silliman University Elementary Department
Tingson John Michael-SES
Uy Shannon Krista-Chiang Kai Shek School
Ver Andrea Nicole-Hope Christian High School
Villanueva Celina Jane-Trinity Christian School
Yao Jose Ramman-Trinity Christian School
Yap Thomas Arthur-St. John's Institute
Yu Marc Adrian-St. Stephen's High School

Middle School Division

Gold Certificate Awardees:

Go Vance Eldric-St. Jude Catholic School
Ng Matthew-Chiang Kai Shek College
Tiu Jessica-MGC New Life Christian Academy
Sing Bianca Lorraine-Chiang Kai Shek College
Reyes Aldric Cristoval-Chiang Kai Shek College
Tan Marquis-Xavier School
Wu Zheng Rong-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Holaysan Sed Anderson-Bethany Christian School
Chan Benson James-Oro Christian Grace School
Co Adrian Raphael-Xavier School
Ong Gisel-Jesus is Lord College Foundation
Zhang Zi Xin-Grace Christian High School
Deligero Reymart-St. Mary's Academy of Carmen
Baniqued Geraldine-St. Paul College Pasig
Virata John Russell-Gideon Academy

Silver Certificate Awardees:

Chan Janssen Lawrence-St. Jude Catholic School
Iyulores Paulo Manuel-Ateneo De Manila High School
Lao Carmela Antoinette-St. Jude Catholic School
Regner Jayhan-Xavier University High School
Saavedra Cathlyna-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Saniel Kathrine-St. Mary's School
Uy Goevin Dexter-Chiang Kai Shek College
Masalunga Brian James-Naga Hope Christian School
Lao Evan Niccolo-Xavier School
Tieng Deneisha Gayle-St. Jude Catholic School
Dy Kenn Carlson-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Maravillas Lance-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Astillero Erick Lance-Chiang Kai Shek College
Chan Ian Alvin-St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Dizon Joshua Gregor-Philippine Science High School
Medina Ma. Socorro Kristina-Philippine Science High School
Ylanan Aveline Marie-Philippine Science High School
Garcia Lawrence-Bethany Christian School
Genoquin Ralph-Trinity Christian School
Somera Luis Antonio-Colegio San Agustin - Biñan
Santos Miguel-PAREF - Southridge School
Celdran Luis Miguel-living Spring Academy
Sambo Jan Philippe-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Cua Sarah Jane-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Lim Antonie Kyla-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Lim Antonie Kyna-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Ngo Frances Lois-Kong Hua School
Nogales Earnest Nathan-Grace Christian High School
Santelices Joanna Patricia-Philippine Science High School
Uy Lim Alvin-Grace Christian High School
Benzon Thalassa Wren-Philippine Science High School
Manglapus Jann Eric-Philippine Christian Gospel School
Vieja Roselen Ann-Philippine Science High School
Napilot Eloisa-Colegio San Agustin - Biñan
Amanse Joe Christopher Paul-Philippine Science High School
Ueki Misaki-Canossa Academy
Ual Rei Cid Romar-Mary Help of Christians School
Berame Elaiza-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Co Ann Catherine-Lanao Chong Hua School
Escalante Jose Fernando-living Spring Academy
Go Aco Earl Henri-living Spring Academy
Mostrales Deo Charis-MSU-IIT Integrated development School

Bronze Certificate Awardees:

Abella Alejandro Kyle-Quezon City Science High School
Cheng Ronny-Philippine Science High School
Digay Robert Boz-St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Kho Ithran-Grace Christian High School
Limsiy Goldielyn Suzanne-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
Uy Maedeliene-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Santillan Cristel-UNO high School
See Hezekiah Tiakhneng-St. Stephen's High School
Sy Amiel-Philippine Science High School
Amit Sheena Mae-Philippine Science High School
Del Rosario Joseph-Philippine Science High School
Lopez Justine Luis-Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Martirez Nina Ruth-Philippine Science High School
Uy Carlven Sy-Philippine Christian Gospel School
Chong Cheryl Yvan-St. Stephen's High School
Chua Arielle Elise-St. Jude Catholic School
Huffano Isabel Cara-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Mercado Dunreb-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Santos Gabrielle Angela-Philippine Science High School
Sychingping Kennerd-Chiang Kai Shek College
Teng Aladdin-St. Jude Catholic School
Virata Aeron Jason-Aquinas University of Legazpi Science HS
Osano Isaiah Raphael-Don Bosco Technical Institute
Plotña ma. Joenelle-Trinity Christian School
Tampes Karen Mae-SFAC - Bayanan
Canoy John Gabriel-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Rodas Amiel-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Chiong Meliton-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Co Joan-Grace Christian High School
Kotah Janssen-Philippine Cultural High School
Pavia Oliver-Quezon City Science High School
Racho Timothy Carlo-Bohol International Learning Center
Tee John Derrik-Grace Christian High School
Tiu Sabrina Adabelle-St. Stephen's High School
Tuazon Angela-Aquinas University of Legazpi SHS
Yap Jason Reginald-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Diaz Sean Francis-Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCS
Ilao Allieson-St. Alphonsus Ligouri Int. School
Ko Young Min-Philippine Christian Gospel School
Orante Kristian Leonard-Philippine Science High School
Pablo Coleen Aina-St. Alphonsus Ligouri Int. School
Ladaga Alisson-Holy Spirit School
Basada Geronimo-Las Piñas East National High School
Capalla Michael Gil-Don Bosco Technical Institute
Co Windy Shen-Bethany Christian School
Jamerian Ma.Cristina-Philippine Science High School
Manalang Charmaine-Naga City Science High School
Chiu Czarina-Lanao Chong Hua School
Chua Nicole Leslie-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Isla Leandro-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Ung Abigail Jane-Lanao Chong Hua School
Chiu Samuel-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Lee Joseph Lyre-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Macandali Jan Rogie-Rosevale School, Cagayan De Oro City
Paris Garret Mauro-Grace Christian High School
Bernejo Christian-Trinity Christian School
Cariño Carlo Jonas-Philippine Science High School
Gudia Sarah-Trinity Christian School
Opaon Marconi Louise-Phil Science High School
Sy Jason-St. John's Institute
Agtarap Aaron Christopher-Quezon City Science High School
Chu Alecsandra-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Cua Albeemae-Chiang Kai Shek College
Dalito Portia Hiedi-Philippine Science High School
Deola Maikee-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Estrada Louis-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Fernandez Andre Jan-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Khu Jason Justin-St. Stephen's High School
Ngo Patrick-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Rualizo Justin Jade-St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Sia Sean Benson-Oro Christian Grace School
Sia Andrew-Chiang Kai Shek College
Sy Wyeth-St. Stephen's High School
Sy Aim Emily-Philippine Cultural High School
Yeung Patrick-Pangasinan Universal Institute
Calub Marcela Simone-PAREF - Woodrose School
Engallado Noelle-St. Joseph School -LS
Libiano Francis-Don Bosco College - Canlubang
Ong Ostin John-Trinity Christian School
Sy Jaykervy-Philippine Science High School
Siangco Katherine-MSU-IIT Integrated development School
Tan Al Josef Rai-MSU-IIT Integrated development School

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