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Aug 01, 2008

It is another remarkable conquest for the Filipino kids who ventured to take the challenge, this time not in mathematics but in the Philippines’ second participation- the 2008 Rio TINTO Big Science Competition held on June 28, 2008 under the supervision of the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild, Philippines and the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI). The said competition encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills. It combines science with information technology to encourage young science-minded students to explore and engage in science education. It also creates opportunities for contestants to discover the relevance of science in our world.

This year’s results made a good number of Filipino high schoolers stand out to emerge as recipients of the high distinction and distinction awards. The impressive performance of these high school students led to get hold of eighteen certificates of High Distinction and fifty four certificates of Distinction. The significant increase of awardees in this year’s Rio TINTO Big Science Competition indicates that our students are positive in taking the challenge of this contest.

The following students receive the Certificates of High Distinction for having been in the top 2%.

Year 7
Alba, Arvin Wilson- Philippine Science High School-Main
Chan, Janssen Lawrence-Saint Jude Catholic School
Co, Adrian Raphael -Xavier School
Lao, Carmela Antoinette -Saint Jude Catholic School
Molion, Michael Steven -Philippine Science High School -Argao
Po, Leonard Benedict -Bethany Christian School
Joanna Santelices- Philippine Science High School-Main

Year 8
Ayroso, Elvis Jeremy -Philippine Science High School-Main
Co, Faustine -Grace Christian High School
De la Fuente, Sarah Patricia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
Dy, Kenn Carlson -Lanao Chung Hua High School
Holaysan, Sed Anderson-Bethany Christian School-Cebu City
Ku, Raphael Lesmond -Xavier School
Limsiy, Goldielyn -Grace Christian High School
Tan, Marquis Alexandre Sio -Xavier School
Virata, Aeron Jason -Aquinas University of Legazpi Science H.S.

Year 9
Sy, Jann Adriel -Xavier School
Uy, Caitlin Joyce -Chiang Kai Shek College

The following Awardees and recipients of the Certificates of Distinction are:

Year 7
Chan, Bryan Casper-Grace Christian High School
Co, Kenneth-Philippine Science High School-Main
Goy, Neil Jordan Chua-Grace Christian High School
Meguizo, Kyle Justin-Saint Jude Catholic School
Pitero, Gerlyn Joy-Aquinas University of Legazpi Science H.S.
Rosal, Thomas Abraham-Xavier School
Rica, Ariel Raye-Philippine Science High School-Argao
Saavedra, Cathlyna Eden -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Tan, Nicholas-Xavier School
Tieng, James Gregory-Xavier School
Wong, Sarah Jessica-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
Yap, Jeremy Vance-Grace Christian High School
Yu, Ryan Carl-Xavier School

Year 8
Acevedo, Rachelle Anne Marie -Saint Paul College, Pasig
Aurellano, Riabelle -San Beda College Alabang
Baniqued, Geraldine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
Benipayo, Ariana -Saint Paul College, Pasig
Bernaldez, Mikhael -Aquinas University of Legazpi Science H.S.
Cabanes, Hans Vladimir -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Cabrera, Denniarah Milcah-MSU-IIT Integrated Development School
Co, Aldrin Addison-Philippine Cultural High School
Co, Joan Catherine -Grace Christian High School
Dagmang, Cornellius Elfie -Philippine Science High School-Argao
Dela Cruz, Katherine Diane -Grace Christian High School
Gamboa, Jessica -Grace Christian High School
Garcia, Lawrence Neal -Bethany Christian School
Guiao, Erwin Jeoffrey -Grace Christian High School
Hao, Hilary Joyce -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Inguito, Jacob Noel -Philippine Science High School-Argao
Mendoza, Francesca Gianelli -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
Ong, Chelsea Phoebe -Grace Christian High School
Ong, Claudine Abigail- St. Paul College, Pasig
Pakson, Paul Stephen -Philippine Science High School- Argao
Plotena, Ma. Joenelle Grace- Trinity Christian School-Bacolod City
Reyes, Francis Jem-Makati Science High School
Sambo, Jan Philippe-MSU-IIT Integrated Development School
Sanchez, Anna Monina -Saint Paul College, Pasig
Valles, Dianna Jane-Taguig Science High School
Wu, Zheng Rong -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Zhang, Zixin -Grace Christian High School

Year 9
Bunyi, Mary Kryslette -San Beda College Alabang
Chua, Earl John -Grace Christian High School
Co, Ann Catherine -Lanao Chung Hua High School
Lao, Bryan Paolo-Ateneo de Manila High School
Lim, Charles Anthony -Xavier School
Onglao, Ma. Regina Paz -Saint Paul College, Pasig
Padilla, Gerard Don -San Beda College Alabang
Rojo, Ricci Ryan -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Sy, Jillian Kristel -Chiang Kai Shek College
Tan, Dann Julis -Chiang Kai Shek College
Tan, Harold -Grace Christian High School
Tan, Jordan Timothy -Xavier School
Uy, Vance Mikhail -Saint Jude Catholic School
Yu, Vincent Gregory -Iloilo Central Commercial High School

The DOST-SEI in tandem with the MTG broadens not only the mathematical dimension of the Filipino youths but also the scientific inclination of the students through the RIO TINTO Big Science Competition. Through the students’ exposure in this contest coupled with the results of the competition measures the extent of the scientific knowledge of the kids. Thus, reflects the present instructional set-ups in schools which include the questions on “what is taught and how is taught” in the science class. Hopefully, the results of the RIO TINTO will give educators the insights on how to strengthen science education in the Philippines.

Moreover, the results of the competition and the certificates will be sent to your respective schools. In few days time, both result and certificates will be in your hands. Congratulations!

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