Jun 08, 2009

Rain or shine, the show went on! Despite the inclement weather, the Collins International Trading Corporation and Mathematics Trainers’ Guild, Philippines attracted close to 400 math teachers from one hundred fifty schools in the country for the 2nd SHARP-MTG Symposium anchored on the theme, “"Upgrading Competence to Teaching Statistics and Trigonometry through the Calculator" on June 6, 2009 at Manila Grand Opera Hotel.


No less than Dr. Simon Chua, MTG President, demonstrated in all his expertise the different ways of teaching statistics and trigonometry through calculator. He pointed out that teachers can help students see patterns, check estimates against reality, and solve complex problems, like those encountered in daily life, through the structured use of calculators. Through his powerpoint presentation, Dr. Chua had not only convincingly illustrated that calculators could have impact on learning and teaching but also made teachers realized that the use of calculators in all aspects of mathematical instructions can help in the development of mathematical concepts and acquisition of mathematical skills.


With Dr. Chua were Mr. Arvie Ubarro of the Philippine Institute of Quezon City and Dr. Archieval Rodriguez of the Arellano University who tackled on the teaching of statistics through the use of calculator. The three resource speakers believed that calculators allow students to spend more time using critical thinking to solve problems, since they are not spending as much time on the tedious calculations that the calculators can perform for them. In other words, calculators allow students to study concepts that would have been beyond their scope of understanding if the calculations would have to be performed manually. They also simplify the tasks at hand allowing for more time to explore different methods to solving problems.


The one-day symposium was graced by the presence of no other than by Mrs. Julie Lim- Vice President and Mr. Lucero Ong- Assistant Vice President of Collins International Trading Corporation. They were very generous to dole out some door and raffle prizes as well as gift items to every participant. The other sponsors of the symposium were the Phoenix Publishing House, SIBS, BIC ballpen, Far Eastern University- East Asia College, SM Supplies, Automatic Center, and National Bookstore.

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