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MTG Philippines


MTG continuously gives advance trainings to public and private school students to ensure that they are all equip to join any international mathematics competitions. The MTG anchors its trainings and programs on the following objectives:

• Search for, encourage and challenge mathematically gifted pupils and students to reach their fullest potential. 

• Develop, initiate, direct and supervise intensive and comprehensive training activities to supplement and enrich the existing mathematics curriculum and programs.

• Provide opportunities for mathematically gifted pupils/students to interact with foreign teachers and students.

• Compile, write and disseminate reports, papers, books and instructional materials and aids in mathematics education and training.

• Organize and manage seminar-workshops, conferences and symposia to assist teachers and trainers in the improvement of their teaching competence, research techniques and methods.

• Assist public and private schools in identifying, sponsoring and assisting gifted students and their trainers to participate in regional and international competitions.


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