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MTG Philippines


This years MTG,my son was able to qualify for the national training in Naga,even though we have the logistics but his father did not allow him to go there in Naga because of its strategic location with regard to nature's condition (e.g. bad weather condition and nearby volcanoes). It hurts a lot as a mother seeing my son crying almost the entire night because he will miss this training in his life.He had been to Singapore last 5th IMC, it helped boost his morale that he wrote in his "My Unforgettable Experience". Hopefully, next year, the place of venue will be easily accessible to the participants from different areas in our country and not facing the pacific ocean. THANKS A LOT MTG ORGANIZERS YOU HELPED MY SON IN DEVELOPING HIS POTENTIAL IN MATHEMATICS. CONTINUE YOUR GOOD ADVOCATE. GOD BLESS AND MABUHAY!!!
~ lucia g. maminta

Congrats to the following 4 Filipino student medalist at the Australian Math Competition 2011 SY Adrian Reginald* Saint Jude Catholic School PHI Level 7 MORCO Henry Jefferson Chiang Kai Shek College PHI Level 10 NG Seanne Daphne Saint Jude Catholic School PHI Level 9 YTURZAETA Justin Jubilee Christian Academy PHI Level 9
~ dhel salen

how i wish that my son will learn a lot from mtg and be qualify to join in a contest...
~ glenda manongsong

my son really dreaming to be a national champion but we never had a good coach to reach that goal.. he is now in grade 6 level when we joined in mtg program but i think it is more better if he started earlier...
~ glenda manongsong

MTG should open more training centers nationwide. I have seen how my son improve his math. At first, upon seeing the Pascal Contest last school year (2007), I confronted the teacher that it should not be given to Grade 3 pupils. She told that it is the norm in MTG. Upon review of my son\'s MTG notes, I realized that I could have helped my son had I seen and discussed the lesson as early as Session 5. I have to open my Math books, that were closed for more than twenty years.
~ denduart

hi i`m an mtg trainee from Visayas-argao.i`m a trainee for two years.this year i`m looking forward in joining the national. i really really wish to be the topscorer
~ christine a. i.

MTG is surely the best math association ever! It helped me so much. I finally went abroad because of it. Thanks!
~ Hubert Yao

MTG has helped me in a lot of things. It equipped me for college by providing certain techniques that improved my arsenal of math skills, thus, making it really easy for me to solve some problems that were for levels above mine. Truly, MTG has helped define my future.
~ Ezra Jay B. Macabenta 2nd yr., Ateneo de Manila

“The Mathematics Trainer’s Guild or the MTG has taught me a lot. Apart from the lessons on geometry, trigonometry, algebra and number theory, MTG also gave me the opportunity to travel to many different countries like China and the USA. These trips broadened my knowledge and perspective about the different cultures in the world. In the process, I also gained lasting friendships both from my fellow trainees and my teachers. Although joining the MTG meant sacrificing my summer vacation for lessons on computation skills and proving mathematical theorems, the experiences I gained from the trainings, and the discipline and dedication for excellence that the MTG instilled in me, more than compensated for the missed trips to the beaches and the hours that could have been used for binging out in front of the television. I am really glad that I became a part of the MTG!”
~ John Carlos B. Clerigo, 3rd Year Ateneo de Manila

Hi. I\"m Mary Dy, a mother of 6, 4 of which are Mtg kids. Mtg has been a great help and boost to my kids in their performances in school. I\'m sure most mothers, if not all, who have mtg trained kids , could attest to the fact that Mtg have been a big factor and great influence in their kids achievements in their respective school standings. Mtg trained kids have this big advantage of always being steps ahead of their batch, for they are very much advanced when it comes to learning and solving math problems and solutions. I never had trouble with any of my kids regarding math, for I am confident that they are well trained by Mtg. And Mtg not only trained my kids how to solve and compete internationally, it also mold my kids into the successful persons they are now in their respective fields. My eldest is now in Singapore NUS pursuing her Masters degree in electronics and communications engineering,; my second who just graduated last year from Ateneo and is now connected with a bank and being a product of Mtg, she is now teaching Mtg part time during Saturdays,; my 3rd is now on her 3rd yr at UP and my 4th will be graduating high school this coming March. My only regret is my 5th child who got no interest in math, therefore never enjoys the benefit of being an mtg kid. That is why I am now encouraging my youngest, now grade 1, to start Mtg training at her very young age. Because I believe that with Mtg, parents will have an easy time with their kids when it comes to Math and imagine the savings you saved on tutoring fees and the headaches you have when your kids fail in Math.The only setback is it is too expensive sponsoring and supporting your mtg kids when they go abroad competing . Hehehe, but think of the pride and honor when they bring home the medals and awards. Definetely Mtg is the best thing that ever happened to me as a parent. And I will continue to support Mtg in whatever small ways I can. More power to Mtg.
~ Mary Dy, mother of MTG kids Malerie,Melissa,Ervin

Over the past years, I have been able to achieve many things, especially in the field of mathematics. I acknowledge that I would not have been able to do these things had I not trained under MTG Philippines. Thus, I would now like to thank you, and all the other people at MTG Philippines, who have done so much for me. I would not be where I am, were it not for you. It has been an honor. My experiences with MTG Philippines have helped and continue to help me grow in my mathematical skill. Since I have started studying advanced math under MTG, I have found it easy to get through my lessons in school because I have already studied them during the training. Furthermore, MTG has been part of my success in the college entrance tests, as mathematics has invariably been a major component of them. I have garnered many awards, both local and international, for my mathematical skills—skills that MTG patiently helped me develop over the past seven years, both by training and by allowing me to use these skills in a competitive atmosphere. Even in the future, I see myself as prepared, not only to face topics that I have studied beforehand, but also to learn new topics and acquire new skills. I credit this to my intensive training under MTG Philippines, which not only has given me knowledge and sharpened my skills, but also taught me never to be afraid of learning new things, and never to say die. However, MTG has not only helped me with mathematics, but as a person as well. Through the Young Mathematicians’ Intensive In-House Training Program, held every year, as well as the various international competitions, I have learned the necessary skills and virtues to survive in the real world. Being away from my family and the familiarity of my home has taught me to be independent, responsible, and street smart. Interacting with people outside my own family, both from the Philippines and outside, has given me amiability, tolerance, and other social skills, as well as a sense of pride in my own upbringing and culture. Indeed, I grew up with MTG, in more ways than one. Having been with MTG Philippines has given me all of these things, plus hope. Not only have I seen firsthand that contrary to popular belief, Filipinos are not hopeless when it comes to math, I can sleep soundly at night knowing that MTG is there, not only to train our youth in mathematics, but to foster a culture of problem-solving where giving up is not an option. This, more than anything, is what the country needs in order to move forward. Again, it has been an honor to have been part of all of this. God bless and more power to MTG Philippines!
~ Francisco Adajar

MTG has been and will always be a special part of my life. I started joining MTG when I was on my fifth grade in elementary. Back then, it never came into my mind that being part of the guild would be the start of many great things in my life. MTG was a helpful instrument to further develop my math skills; the trainings taught me new ideas, new strategies, and new methodologies that I won’t be able to learn in a typical math class. MTG trainings also taught me good values such as self-discipline, competitiveness (in a good sense) and the like. MTG trainings served as an avenue for extending my friendship network as I get to know more people having the same interests as I do. MTG has also made it possible for me to explore different places, be it local or abroad. Currently, I am now a professional working for the largest auditing firm in the country. At this point in my life, despite being busy with the career I chose, I still make it a point that I join MTG trainings (not as a student, but as a facilitator) when I am available. I have found a good home in MTG; the feeling of belongingness is indeed a great experience. Truly, words cannot contain how happy and blessed I am in joining MTG. I am proud to say that MTG has been and will always be a special part of me. Mabuhay MTG!
~ Raymond A. Salvador, CPA College: UP Diliman

During my final years in primary school, I became affiliated with an organization called the Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG) that is headed by Dr. Simon Chua. The organization manages a series of training programs for Filipino students wherein MTG selects a line-up of about a hundred students that will compete in various international competitions. Luckily, I have been chosen by MTG to compete in international events for six consecutive years. In these years, I have encountered a whole variety of math problems. The training program expanded my perspective of problem solving and proving. It made me think on a wider scale. Solving much harder math problems made me want to excel more, not just in the national level but in the international level as well. Competing in other countries also made me realize how young people like me can help uphold the name of the Philippines. I also met a whole variety of people. The people I once considered my rivals in local competitions became very close friends of mine. Together, we challenged ourselves to be better. We also had the opportunity to travel to a lot of countries abroad and experience their unique culture. MTG does not only train elementary and high school students for international competitions; it also helps students excel in school and have an easier time in the regular math curriculum. Truth be told, I know a lot of MTG kids that have entered universities like UP, Ateneo, and La Salle as Oblation, Merit and Star Scholars that receive full scholarships. MTG gave math more meaning to me; math somehow became a way of life for me. Not only do I perceive Math as my favorite subject and my current major in college, I see it as my pathway to the future and to people as well.
~ Stephanie Anne A. Oliveros Ateneo de Manila

To Mr. ECPlan aka EH (Extreme Hard) My son was really challenged by your system of teaching at the Summer Olympiad Training at Deeco last April-May 2008. Being at the last section (Arabia), he was motivated to further his math skills. We are aiming to qualify this year. Thanks for the enthusiasm you have given my kid. Looking forward to see you at Deeco 2009.
~ denduart

MTG became part of me. As being my assistance for my studies. Since i entered the MTG sessions it helped me a lot in my school. I became more advance to my classmates. And developed my analysis in math. As of now, going on my college life. And i know. That every lesson i took in these sessions (my past lessons in MTG) i may use it in my college life (Civil Engineering). I want to thank this particular institution (MTG Phil) for giving me an opportunity to become part of it. Even, just i entered the 1st and 2nd part.
~ g3lo

Cheers to MTG for the upcoming 2009 AITMO & PEMIC! I suggest to keep the event simple but respectable. No more free tours, set meals or Pack meals, room accomodations to each country participants be maximized, strictly follow the number of free accomodations for each country per category and excess be charge accordingly just like other international contest. Our country is still recovering from Pepeng and Ondoy, the participants will understand.
~ Joey Lapus

Thank yo so much to MTG Philippines. The experiences of my children, Clark Philip (first year high school), Eloisa Faye (grade 4)and Hannah Kathleen (Grade 1)of Naga Hope Christian School has been quite amazing. It brought confidence and enjoyment on the part of my kids. Now my daughter eloisa made it to the YMIIITP 2010,...its a great feeling , an accomplishment. My other two kids are looking forward joining the next events...Im great ful to Naga Hope Christian School through Sioc Bee Chan Azajar for the great opportunity they are giving to our children....Hats off to the organizers, thank you to Maam Eden Seneres too. Good Luck to everyone
~ Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo and Imelda Dacanay

Ms. Chen was the one who help me bring myself to the next level I thank her for the goodness she had done for me I also thank very much for all the teachers and many other more. They make my MTG moments very happy this memory I will never forgot.Once again thank you for all your guidance and supports people behind MTG.
~ Kuven Malig-on

mtg is one of the best experience i ever had.i learn more about math and others mtg makes me love math before i hate math but now i like it.i thank mtg for teaching me passionately i think you deserve the greatest thank of mine.but i thank god most because without him no mtg
~ greenday

My son, Emmanuel,passed the qualifying exam when he was grade three but i wasn\'t able to enrol him for the training. This school year, he passed again the qualifying exam for grade four and i enrolled him and luckily he was able to qualify for the training in Balanga. And now this special training in DEECO. I was not expecting it.I thank God for this rare opportunity that my son was able to make it.He make s me proud especially he is the only pupil in our school that qualify. Thanks so much MTG for developing my son\'s ablity in the field of mathematics.
~ lucia g. maminta

I am one of the public school students whom Dr. Simon Chua helps by giving me free registration to avail the MTG intensive training program. I am very grateful to him because he even sponsored my trips abroad just for me to be able to participate in the international mathematics competition. He has not developed my math skill but also has given me the opportunity to prove my worth in the competition in other countries.
~ Andrew Joelle Caguntas,Makati National High School

I am a living witness to how MTG blossomed into the remarkably huge institution it is now. I\'ve seen its humble beginnings and its transformation year after fruitful year. And just after around a decade, it has surely revolutionized the mathematics curriculum of our country, especially for those of participating schools. The first time it went nationwide, only less than a hundred kids were in attendance. Today, tens of thousands avail of the saturday trainings, more than a thousand (both elementary and secondary) qualify to the national intensive training and around a hundred get the chance (of a lifetime) to travel abroad to represent the Philippines in the various international math competitions every year. For those actively involved in MTG, excellence in math becomes the norm and not the exception. It also transforms personal lives as some pupils/students are given a very rare opportunity to get international exposures, converse and develop friendships with children from other countries, and the pride to carry the country\'s colors during international competitions. Personally, my perspectives towards mathematics, in general, and towards life have also dramatically changed since that first time a joined the MTG (as a teacher)-I\'ve learned so much, I\'ve made so many friends, and was also given a chance to go abroad (which I could have not achieved on my own). With this, I say, more power, MTG. Go on making a difference.
~ Genesis G. Camarista, Teacher, Iloilo City

MTG is one of the organizations that longs for Filipinos to realize that every Filipinos has the power to change of what is our outlook about the Philippines and its people. Lastly, the MTG personels are doing everything to make this happen. Mabuhay ang MTG!
~ Agent 012898

MTG has been one of the most life changing organizations I have ever joined. Though, it has nothing to do with almighty God, but it is guided by Him. Joining MTG will never be a regret in my life. I never knew I can achieve so much more than what I thought. Never knew that I could actually represent my country abroad, proud and high, waving the Philippine flag! I just hope maybe 20...30 years later my children will still be able to join MTG. Kudos Dr. Simon and the supporting staff! Keep up the good work!:)
~ bittersweet

MTG does not only give the students a greater view on math, but a chance to meet other people with the same talent and being able to develop it together for the country.
~ happysad

Passing MTG\'s qualifying exam is out of my mind.i never thought i would because the questions were so hard for a girl my age(7y/o) During the first two sessions I seek for my mother\'s help in understanding our lessons. However, i have learned so much as the lesson progresses and I was able to develop ideas how to solve problems in a more accurate and easiest way.My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Simeon Chua and the MTG family for their unending dedication in making children like me love mathematics with all sincerity.I would like to thank my parents as well for their support and above all- God Almighty for His guidance.
~ unik aqo de guzman, muntinlupa city

My youngest son represented his school when he was in grade 2 and 3,in one of well known Math competition held yearly when he was in grade 4 he was not able to represent the school because his teacher retired early. I will never forget that day he went home devastated and pleading me to talk to his new teacher to tell her that he was the most intelligent student in Math and that he should be the one to represent the school again but I told him it was not proper to do it since the new teacher knows what she was doing and that maybe he just made a mistake of thinking he was the best when it comes to Math with a heavy heart he insisted that i request his teacher to give them a test to prove whose really the cream of the crop, this time I really felt sorry for him and I told my son just to ease his frustration to wait until he will be in high school because by that time he will truly know how good he is when it comes to numbers ( my heart was bleeding knowing that I knew he is really an achiever when it comes to that area, math). Now looking back, when I received that letter last February 28, 2011 my son has proven his craft, that letter informing us that he was one of the top scorers and that he will be able to participate in the training program to be held in Naga truly boost his confidence. SALAMAT...THANK YOU MTG you just don\'t realize how thankful I am for training and helping my son. Truly your institution made a big impact on my sons personality.
~ Ms. Jean of Bacolod

I love to be an MTG Kid!
~ iheartmcdo15

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