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Jun 05, 2006

February 2006. Pascal, Cayley & Fermat contests.

Team Honor Roll
RANK 1 - MTG, Philippines - from among the 40 international teams with the highest score of 424 in the Cayley Contest
- reaped 1 Medal & 45 Certificates of Recognition

TOP SCORER (150 score)
Patrick Ong- 2nd yr. H.S., St. Jude Catholic School-Manila

Fermat Contest
RANK 2 - MTG, Philippines - from the 37 participating international teams with a total score of 402.
- reaped 1 Medal and 57 Certificates of Recognition.

TOP SCORER (138 score)
Raymond Tan - 1st yr. college, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
- graduate of Jubilee Christian Academy

Pascal Contest
RANK 8 - MTG, Philippines - from the 36 international teams
- reaped 2 Medals and 58 Certificates of Recognition

TOP SCORER (136 score)
Michael Brodeth - Gr. 5, Colegio De San Agustin-Laguna
Matthew Ng - Gr. 6,Chiang Kai Shek College-Manila

In other countries, Pascal contest is usually given to grades 8 or 9 (2nd or 3rd year high school) students, Cayley Contest is given to grades 9 or 10 (3rd or 4th year high school) students while that of the Fermat Contest is given to grades 10 or 11secondary school students.

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