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May 26, 2011

IMC, Singapore - July 29 to 2 August 2, 2011 
The following are the complete lists of potential participants. They are urged to make their confirmation of participation  with the subject header, "Yes to 2011 IMC Singapore" and are requested to send the scanned deposit slip on or before 5pm, Friday May 27, 2011 to this email address mtg.mco@gmail.com.  Failure to confirm on the said date would mean that the participant is backing out from the Philippine Team.  Thus, MTG reserves the right to award the vacant slot(s) to other qualified participants.  A deposit of Php5,000.00 per participant/ accompanying person shall be made to:
                                    BPI Zamboanga Branch
                                    Account Name: MTG Philippines
                                    Account Number: 2111-0214-68
*Please do not forget to put your location code in your area kin the deposit slip. For more information on the Location code, please click here:http://mtgphil.org/announcements.php?id=252
The deposit has to be made this early by the participants and accompanying person/s since the Singapore travel agency finds it necessary for all members of the Philippine delegation to do so for worry of the imminent airfare adjustment scheduled anytime due to constant gas hike and reservation of hotel room due to other international activities occur on the same schedule. In order to assure a plane seat at the most practical cost and a lower price hotel room, then booking has to be made.
The Registration Form will be sent to the participants once confirmation has been made. Meanwhile, the participants should keep their original deposit slips and submit them on the first day of training class for the different International Mathematics Competitions.


Once confirmation is made, then the following names will be the official participants for 2011 IMC- Singapore:

2   AGUILAR, KYLE DARRYL Philippine Cultural College
3   Alquiza, Justine Myles P. St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
4   ARAGON, Eldine James D. Statefields School, Inc
5   BALBUENA, Aljan Sen. R. C. Cayetano Mem Sci & Tech HS
6   BALETE, Nathanael Joshua St. Stephen's High School
7   BARDELOZA, Dean Karlo D. St. Jude College - Cavite
8   Barnuevo, Kristoffer Apol C. Iloilo Central Commercial High School
9   Cabanes, Shawn Gabriel Zamboanga Chong Hua High. School
10   Calicdan, John Paul S. Pangasinan Universal Institute
11   CANALES, Anjanette Makati Science High School
12   CASTILLO, Arvin Paul H. St. Francis of Assisi College, Bayanan
13   Chan, Zernon Ezra Y. Philippine Tong Ho Insitute
14   Cheng, Erin Shaleena Immaculate Conception Academy
15   Coliat, Sarah Mae  B. Sovereign Shepherd School of Values and Learning
16   DATUIN, Jynariz Daniel T. Baguio City National High School
17   De VERA, Micole Vincent D. Academia de Sophia Internationa, Inc.
18   DY, Mark John Pangasinan Universal Institute
19   FERRER, Magin Benedict Phil Science High School  - Western Visayas
20   GARCIA, Gordon B. Statefields School, Inc
21   Go, Beatriz Michelle Immaculate Conception Academy
22   GUANZON, Sonny Fernando Integrated Montessori Center - Taguig
23   Ho, Hanna Jillian Grace Christian College
24   JAMIAS, Janille Erika M. Elizabeth Seton School - South
25   LABALAN, Lean Dominic V. Philippine Science High School
26   LAZA, Raina Carlin M. Sta Rosa Science & Technology HS
27   LIM, MIKHAELA FRANCESCA L. Zamboanga Chong Hua High. School
28   LUNA, Niccolo Roland La Salle Greenhills
29   MARCOS, Himig Philippine Cultural College
30   MIRABUENO, Jose Alfonso Ignacio K. Philippine Science High School - SMC
31   Montalban, Kenan Phil Science High School  - Western Visayas
32   NARVAEZ, Alexis Sybert V. St. Simon Montessori School
33   Ng, Steve HK Zamboanga Chong Hua High. School
34   Ongchinke, Jayson D.P. Philippine Cultural College Manila
35   ONGLAO, Peter Xavier School
36   PALAGANAS, Jerome Jean Angelicum College
37   POLLENTES, Mark Angleo U. Muntinlupa Science High School
38   Poral, Neil Phillip Phil Science High School  - Western Visayas
39   Pullan, Hazel Anne Pasig Catholic College
40   Rivera, Miguel Luis Philippine Science High School Main
41   ROJO, Rachel G. Zamboanga Chong Hua High. School
42   SUNG, Chang Yeop Integrated Montessori Center - Taguig
43   SY, Shawn Gabriel T. Jubilee Chrisitian Academy
44   TABAO, Lorenzo M. Pasig City Science HS
45   TAN, Charina RaisaD.R. Zamboanga Chong Hua High. School
46   TIU, Benedict Ryan C. St. Stephen's High School
47   VALLES, Jo-Dia Jean Lorenzana Y. Taguig Science High School

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