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Mar 27, 2020

The training materials will be emailed to this year’s registered participants of the 2020 Young Mathematicians’ In-House Intensive Training Program which will be viewable online from April 5 to 9, 2020.

As scheduled, the materials will be sent a week or few days before the so called ‘online training’ so that registered trainees can have time to study and answer the problems prior the discussion and lecture. As expected the youngster group will start receiving the sets of training materials ahead of the others.  

Here are some guidelines of the online lecture/training:

How can I get accessed to the training?

Trainees who completed the registration are given access to participate in this year’s online training.  

What do I expect to receive after completing my registration?

If you belong to the youngster group, you are expected to receive through email sets of training materials starting Tuesday, April 1, 2020. The rest of the group follows.

What will I do with the training materials?

As soon as you receive the training materials, please go over the handouts, study and answer the problems.

When is the online training? What time?

The discussion or explanation of the different topics introduced or presented in the training materials will be viewable online on the following schedules:

  • Youngster Group/Middle Primary
  • April 5, 2020


  • Upper Primary/Junior/Intermediate and Senior
  • April 6. 2020

How can I view the video?

The links containing the videos showing the lecture of each topic will be emailed to each registered participant for viewing. The videos can only be viewed for three days and the same automatically will be unavailable for viewing. So, please use of the time wisely while the links are still accessible. At this time, you can get your materials and follow the discussion.

What will I do in case I have a question?

At the end of the video, an email address will be flashed on screen. You can send you questions for clarification.

Is there a final examination?

Yes, there is a final examination on Monday, April 13. The soft copy of the final examination will be emailed to you and to all trainees on the same on April 13. All trainees are expected to answer all problems on that day. You are given only 3 hours to all answer the problems. Just right after answering the problems, please scan the examination paper and send it immediately on the same day to this email address: ymiitp2020@mtgphil.org.

What if we failed to watch the video as scheduled? What shall we do?

The program allows the video to be viewable as scheduled. The videos will no longer be available for viewing once the trainee fails to view them as scheduled.  

How will I know if I am qualified for the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program?

After checking your papers of the final examination, we will post on this website the names of trainees qualified to join the next level of the training, and we will announce those who are classified as MTG qualifiers. We will start announcing the names of qualifiers on April 15.

Will there be one-month training for the MTG qualifiers?

It depends upon how the present situation improves. But MTG has other plan to implement, in case the preventive measure is extended, or if time will not allow us to gather for the summer training.

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