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Oct 21, 2020

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Greeting from Taiwan!

I am deeply honored with this privilege to have been invited to join you in the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines. I have participated in MTG 10th, 15th and 20th Anniversary celebrations, but this year due to some travel restriction brought about by COVID -19, I cannot attend this great event. I can only congratulate MTG on its 25th anniversary virtually from here in Taiwan.

Just few years after MTG was founded by Dr. Simon Chua and company, I have been a witness of its struggle and survival, of its ups and downs, of its feats and defeats. I saw how MTG flourished, accomplished and achieved in a year in and year out basis until MTG institutionalized its name in the mathematics education in the Philippines. As MTG celebrates its 25th year, this really calls for cheers to the years! Indeed, 25 years after, MTG has been able to bring out the best in many of the Filipino math wizards. I know through MTG intensive trainings, many came out to be top scorers, winners and champions in many contests abroad. I believe many of you are here today celebrating the anniversary as one big family.

If we can only trace how MTG has gone this far in terms of spelling excellence in mathematics, we cannot help but ask how MTG has done it and we cannot help but look at its programs. To my observation, it is hard work, dedication, and goal-oriented programs have been reasons why MTG has succeeded in its mission to be foremost math organization in the Philippines today. Of course, MTG has not only confined to training the math-gifted. MTG advocates mathematical excellence through going out of its way to training the math teachers and the math-inclined students. I am certain of one thing that MTG spends its own resources to conduct seminar-workshops and conventions, organized several international math competitions and initiated international math camps in order to broaden the scope of mathematical excellence among students and teachers.

As we join MTG celebrates its 25th year of mathematical excellence, honor and achievement, we have to congratulate Dr. Simon Chua and his co-founding members, MTG officers, and above all the MTG kids and their parents for making MTG what it is today. We all know that education is the foundation of a nation and the people are pillars of the State. Therefore, let us congratulate MTG, Philippines for helping mold the potential leaders of the Philippines. Indeed, Philippines is one country in Asia with rich natural resources, with talented people and with a glorious history. With what these young Filipinos have achieved in the field of mathematics, I have no doubt that you too can make your country great once again.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all join hands together for more success to the MTG, Philippines and to the Filipino math wizards! I hope that the epidemic will end soon so that I can participate in MTG activities and meet you as usual.

May God bless the Philippines! Thank you very much.


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