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Mar 11, 2024

In a remarkable feat, Filipino students have emerged victorious at the recently concluded International Thailand Mathematics Competition (ITMC) on February 24 - 28, 2024, securing a stunning total of 3 gold, 7 silver, and 31bronze medals, along with 5 merit awards.
The ITMC drew gifted mathematics enthusiasts from several Asian countries to showcase their skills and problem-solving abilities. The contest provides a platform for bright young minds to engage in friendly competition and exchange knowledge, fostering friendship and academic camaraderie among participants.
The victorious Filipino delegation demonstrated exceptional skill and aptitude, capturing the attention of judges and peers alike with their remarkable performances.
Dr. Isidro Aguilar, MTG president said that the remarkable achievements of our Filipino math wizards served as a testament to the rigorous training and determination that propelled them to excel in the international arena where they displayed their competence in handling advanced mathematical concepts and problems, further highlighting the quality of mathematical training and education in the Philippines.
The outstanding achievements of these Filipino students in the Thailand underscore the commendable dedication and drive exhibited by both the winners and their mentors. Indeed, they have undoubtedly made their homeland proud, further solidifying the Philippines' reputation as a powerhouse in mathematics education.
Indeed, this accomplishment is sure to motivate and inspire young individuals across the nation to reach greater heights in the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual growth, embodying the spirit of excellence that the Philippines holds dear.
The following winners of gold, silver, bronze and merit awards are:

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